These four workshops delve into the processes of making and seeing films. Each day you can choose one workshop to attend.
For info about the Research Space with Philippe Blanchard on 12-16 July please click here.

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On being part of the frame: dwelling

Friday, 16 July, 7.30-8.30pm, online material
Mira Hirtz

If you where to take a step back and look at your surroundings, what do you see? Let’s witness the appearing scene. Let us try to see it as if you have never witnessed it before. A new world, yet strangely familiar.

This workshop refers to Mira’s series of Performative Video Tutorials dealing with how we as human beings relate to our environment. The workshop will take a deeper look at one of the videos investigating the notion of ‘dwelling’: it notices that we usually see the world as a framework for human action. How can we experience ourselves as being part of our environment? Mira will offer this question as a source for somatic experience and performative play as well as invite you to experiment with various artistic media in order to translate and mediate your experiences.

Let’s move closer. Notice how it feels like to enter the image you have seen as a distant picture before. Where does it start? Today, let us practice what it could mean to be part of the frame you are looking at. Let us practice to dwell.

Mira Hirtz is a performance artist, mediator and art theorist based in Germany.

Duet with the Camera

Saturday, 17 July, 1.15-2.15pm, Theatre
Sumedha Bhattacharyya & Bhargavi Gopalan

An exploration of how body, movement and camera interact. Drawing from the practice of abhinaya (expression) in Indian classical dance, and image theatre from Theatre of the Oppressed, we ask how the camera becomes an extension of the self. The workshop takes the participants through a journey that looks beyond the camera as a recording device, and approaches the the embodiment of abhinaya through facial and bodily choreography as an empathetic response of watching a film. Improvisations and guided exercises derived from screendance, Forum Theatre and abhinaya practices.

Sumedha Bhattacharyya is an interdisciplinary dance artist, researcher, dancefilmmaker, and faculty member at Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities.
Bhargavi Gopalan is a Bharatanatyam artist, dance scientist and dance educator based in India.

Wanderlust Scores: Wandering with the camera

Saturday, 17 July, online score
Heike Salzer

This practical workshop introduces participants to the Wanderlust method, a site-specific holistic approach for the making of landscape screendance (Salzer, 2019), where the somatic encounter of the body in landscape is utilized as the source of all stages of the creation.
We will explore wandering with a camera and discover the joyful mode of making screendance by entering a dialogue with nature, facilitating the spontaneous tri-alogue between the site – dance- camera. Wandering as a screendance practice embraces the unforeseen, the unplanned and the possibility of encountering the unexpected.

Heike Salzer is an award winning German dance artist fluidly operating in performance, choreography and site specific screendance.

Seeing with the whole body

Sunday, 18 July, 1.15-2.15pm, Theatre
Claire Loussouarn

This workshop is based on the concept that the act of seeing is synesthetic and involves the whole body and its sensorial apparatus, not just the eyes. How can we reframe our experience of watching films and moving images to reflect the role that the body and other senses play in how we experience them?
We will watch selected films from the Kinesthesia programme; through a series of movement suggestions, focusing on a specific aspect of the human body’s sensorial apparatus, you will be invited to ‘watch from the body’.

Claire Loussouarn is an anthropologist, filmmaker and movement practitioner.

The F/OL\D

Sunday, 18 July, 1.15-2.15pm, Music Space and online
Susan Sentler and Glenna Batson

The F/OL\D is an improvisational movement practice that prefaces bodily folding in the
embodied amalgam of matter and material. In this workshop, participants first will be guided into
an immersive, iterative exploration of folding embodiment. Following, participants will re-enter
the playing field via the means of smartphone cameras. The technology will become a virtual
partner as movers anarchive within a particular somatic/artistic enquiry. As participants engage
in the different roles of captor and mover, the experience will support the embodied traces
arising in the flow of images Proposed constraints within this enquiry will help align the filming
with automatic writing. The raw footage will become a virtual writing, forming from inner/outer
stimuli nested within the somatic dialogue. Reflection will revolve around the array of roles and
new agencies expressed, their affective tensions, and the sensorial aesthetic that arises.

Susan Sentler is an independent artist rooted in the field of dance and performance, working as educator/lecturer, maker/choreographer, researcher, director, curator, dramaturg and performer.
Glenna Batson is is an independent researcher/lecturer in dance, Somatics and science.

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