Screening 5

Sunday, 18 July, 12pm

Kinesthesia Festival is about the way we perceive the moving image – seeing through the body. Screenings will start with a guided ‘invitation’ to tune into the sensory capacity of the body.
For those attending online, there will be three pre-recorded invitations: Sight, Sound, and Touch. Feel free to combine them with any screening.

Film still from Far Flung Dances - II (The Wood) by Mary Wycherley. A person falls down a tree in a forest, with arms stretched out toward the sky, they are wearing clothes which blend into the surroundings.

Far Flung Dances – II (The Wood)

Mary Wycherley, Ireland, 2020, 06:00

Gravity is one of the four fundamental forces in the universe.
Through a physical and visual relationship between a dancer, a tree and the earth, the precarious imbalance of our relationship to the world we live in is highlighted. It reflects the push, pull and force of our current social, climate and political challenge and evokes effort, loss and struggle.

Captions available

Blue sky reflected in a puddle. 
In the bottom right quarter of the image is a quote by Tania Kovats: "To hold the self is as hard as holding liquid in your hands."


Sandra Alland, United Kingdom, 2020, 08:07

Water,logged is a filmic collaboration with a short story. While a voice-over details two fictional members of Pussy Riot visiting an art exhibition, the visuals follow non-fictional queer disabled artists to water sources in Scotland. Is true collectivity possible? Who gets access to water? Who gets to make ‘political’ art?


Film still from That's how I remember her by Naomi Midgelow. Three blurred images horizontally in line with each other. The first and third image is a young girl wearing a red outfit in front of some trees. The second image is a close up of the back of the girl's head looking towards the trees.

That’s how I remember her

Naomi Midgelow, United Kingdom, 2020, 04:38

A touching experimental film using family archive footage shaped through a choreographic edit. Reframed, the personal footage lingers between reality and distortion to reveal the imperfections of memory, highlighting a sense of loss and fragmentation. Layering, repeating and juxtaposing different moments in time, multiple possible stories unfold across three screens.

Captions available

Film still from My Days by Katsura Isobe. Woman standing in a corn field under blue sky, gesturing with her hand towards her forehead.

My Days

Katsura Isobe, United Kingdom, 2020, 05:18

July 2018, I started a practice of filming myself moving in various locations with a question; what kind of relationship do I have to dance and movement? My curiosity has been on my body movement stemmed from the felt senses in responses at a particular time and place. Every time I filmed I put very short footage on Instagram, which had accumulated to 100 by September 2020. This short film has been made with selected footages in order to acquire a sense of the whole practice till then.

Film still from Dirt by Helanius J. Wilkins, Roma Flowers. Man lies on fertile soil with his eyes closed, new plants are sprouting through the soil all around him.


Helanius J. Wilkins, Roma Flowers, United States, 2020, 12:00

Dirt, a screendance project created in June 2020, is a collaboration between choreographer Helanius J. Wilkins with videographer Roma Flowers, and composer Andy Hasenpflug.

Through the fusion of text, movement, layered visuals, and sound, this work presents a meditative exploration of identity and Blackness in a heightened time of unrest and uprisings fuelled by issues of police brutality and systemic racism in America.

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