Screening 1

Friday, 16 July, 6.30pm (part of the online opening event)

Film still from Falling by Mary Trunk. Six black and white images of person standing with hands by their sides.


Mary Trunk, United States, 2020, 05:19

Falling is about everything we fall into. Falling in love, falling forward, backward and sideways, falling for something, falling and catching yourself, falling asleep and getting up. It never stops.

Film still from Intertidal. Barene by Laura Santini. Woman dancing on grassy piece of land, among still reflective water.

Intertidal. Barene

Collettivo Confluenze Paloma Leyton & Lucrezia Stenico, Italy, 2019, 14:50

The lagoon of Venice is a dynamic ecosystem that has to deal with a continuous challenge to survive. An intertidal zone is a permanent spot in a landscape that is being eroded. A salt marsh is a thin island, subject to its autochthonous identity as to its adaptive reality. The islands are autonomous, governed by their own laws, but an island is also a neutral and protected space. Detached from the world, it acts like a cell or, paradoxically, like a static raft.

Film still from We Are Ready Now by Jack Thomson. People in motion, holding hands in pairs, on a marked out race track.

We Are Ready Now

Jack Thomson, United Kingdom, 2020, 01:39

Bodies navigate and self organise as they run alone but dance together. The competitive landscape is overwhelmed by public and personal spaces. Actions act as the only markers in time, as they are reduced to noticeable and forgettable images.
Where are we in this moment? Individuals unknowingly connected through unseen templates of social dynamic, captured in the container of the now.

Film still from Unfurling by Alexa Velez. Woman kneeling on concrete ground, performing awkward hand gesture behind her back, in front of industrial looking building.


Alexa Velez, United States, 2019, 02:18

Unfurling is a moving image intended to embody the resilience of nature – inspired by weeds growing in cracks on the pavement and a moth emerging from its cocoon. Combining elements of dance and contortion, Unfurling is the transformation of an earthbound creature into a being of the air.

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