Online programme

Kinesthesia 2021 will take place in hybrid form, with a selection of the programme available for audiences attending online.

Creating your online schedule

Timed events are in bold.
The film programmes and some of the workshops are available to ticket holders throughout the festival days, together with recorded introductions inviting you to experience them kinaesthetically.
You can watch these at any time. We have suggested times in the schedule below to flow with the live elements of the online programme.

Scroll down for tips to enhance your online screening experience!


6.30pm Opening event: A welcome to the festival, including screening 1 and a short workshop with Mira Hirtz – Zoom


Timed events in bold, all other timings are suggestions

12.00pm Screening 2
1.15pm Workshop: Wanderlust Scores by Heike Salzer (pre-recorded)
2.45pm Workshop: Performative Video Tutorials by Mira Hirtz (pre-recorded)
3.30pm Screening 3
4.40pm Screening 5
5.30pm Keynote and discussion – Zoom
7.15pm Screening 4
8.15pm Meet the artists: Lynne Sachs and Lizzie Olesker (The Washing Society, Screening 4) – Zoom


Timed events in bold, all other timings are suggestions

12.00 Dancing with the Camera by Claire Loussouarn (pre-recorded)
1.15pm Workshop: The F/OL\D with Glenna Batson and Susan Sentler – Zoom
2.30-3.30pm Social Space: a chance to meet Kinesthesia artists and participants – Zoom
3.30pm Screening 6
4.15pm Kinaesthetic responding – Zoom

Creating your festival experience

Attending a festival online is not so unusual anymore, and many of us have worked out our preferred way of participating remotely. Here are some suggestions and ideas to consider:

  • A festival at home
    We recommend setting aside time as deliberately as you would if you were travelling to a physical venue. How would you like to attend? Could you mark the beginning and end of your festival time – arriving and leaving, as it were?
  • Enjoy it!
    Make the most of attending in your private space. Move along to a film; listen to a discussion while lying down with your eyes closed; watch films in your own time, pause when you feel like it – play with the format to suit yourself!
  • Choose your screen
    Many of us watch on the same device we use for work. How can you change the script – e.g. moving to a different location, or changing something about the space you are in?
  • Feast your eyes
    Find lighting conditions that work well for you; consider plugging your device into your TV screen.
  • Feed your ears
    The sound design of films is often an important element, and hearing it as it was intended will enhance your experience – experiment with your speaker or headsets.
  • Captions
    We have asked filmmakers to provide captions if sound or dialogue is an important part of their film. You should be able to toggle these on or off.
  • Join with others
    Perhaps you want to organise a watch party with others also attending online. Join us for the social space on Sunday afternoon to chat with other online attendees. Send us your questions for the Keynote and Saturday night Q&A.
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