Festival Schedule


6.30pm Opening event (online): A welcome to the festival, including screening 1 and a short workshop with Mira Hirtz


11.00am Arrivals + registration
11.00am Installations open
12.00am Screening 2
1.00pm Workshop: Duet with Camera, Sumedha Bhattacharyya & Bhargavi Gopalan
1.00pm Workshop: Wandering with a camera, Heike Salzer
2.15pm Lunch
2.45pm The Floating Book_Venus by the river performance installation
3.15pm Sharing: Philippe Blanchard workshop
4.00pm Screening 3
5.00pm The Floating Book_Venus by the river performance installation
5.30pm Keynote + discussion: Karen Wood and Rosamaria Cisneros
6.20pm Dinner
6.45pm The Floating Book_Venus by the river performance installation
7.30pm Screening 4 + Q&A


11.00am Arrivals + registration
11.00am Installations open
12.00pm Screening 5
12.45pm The Floating Book_Venus by the river performance installation
1.15pm Workshop: Seeing with the whole body, Claire Loussouarn
1.15pm Workshop: The F/OL\D, Glenna Batson and Susan Sentler (online)
2.15pm Lunch
3.00pm The Floating Book_Venus by the river performance installation
3.30pm Screening 6
4.15pm Shared response
5pm Festival close

Programme details

Film screenings

Six programmes of international films showcase a breadth of approaches to filmmaking. Each screening is framed by an invitation to consider the whole range of sensory experiences, including visceral, proprioceptive and haptic awareness.


A programme of absorbing installations that play with space, place and perception


Artist-led workshops delve into aspects of embodied filmmaking and kinesthetic spectatorship

Keynote speech: Karen Wood

Kinesthesia will be framed by keynote speaker Karen Wood, author of Kinesthetic Empathy: Conditions for Viewing, who will speak about meeting points between screen-based practices, ecosystems and kinesthetic empathy

Research Space: Artificial Facts

12-16 July 2021

In the week leading up to the festival, artist Philippe Blanchard (FR/UK) leads an in-depth five-day lab that combines somatic practices with questions related to spectatorship.

Using technology of camera and projector as mediating tools, this research raises questions on the subject of the view that one poses on others, and subtly questions us on the right and obligations to act and to react.
The work will involve practical, experiential combination of embodied moving, connecting to skeletal structures and bodily systems; playful seeing and witnessing; and using the technology as a tool to question somatic meaning-making.

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