Screening 2

Saturday, 17 July, 12pm

Kinesthesia Festival is about the way we perceive the moving image – seeing through the body. Screenings will start with a guided ‘invitation’ to tune into the sensory capacity of the body.
For those attending online, there will be three pre-recorded invitations: Sight, Sound, and Touch. Feel free to combine them with any screening.

Film still from Reasonable Adjustments by Anna Macdonald. Woman wearing green glasses and a pink t-shirt, in the process of standing up or sitting down on green leather chair.

Reasonable Adjustments

Anna Macdonald, United Kingdom, 2020, 05:21

Reasonable Adjustments emerged from a series of workshops with people who live with chronic pain. Participants in the project spoke about the endless adjustments, and tiring dynamic planning, that moving with pain requires. This film responds to the creativity shown by these people as they adapt continuously to their changing environments and capacities.

Film still from LAND/SCAPE by Michal Krawczyk. Shadow of a donkey on dry, grassy ground.


Michal Krawczyk and Giulia Lepori, Italy, 2020, 07:10

The word ‘landscape’ is made of two parts: ‘land’, from the Old English lond, land, meaning ‘ground, soil’ + -skap, related to the word ‘shape’ from the Old English scieppan, meaning ‘to create, to form’. This short film is a multispecies ethnographic collaboration between humans and donkeys, in the permacultural site of Centre Thar dö Ling, in the Valley of Sagana (Sicily, Italy), where the land is being regenerated, and regenerative, through human and other-than-human ecological interactions. Land is shaped as land shapes.

Film still from jam upload download upload jam by Sumedha Bhattacharyya. Close up, black and white still of a woman looking worried.

jam upload download upload jam

Sumedha Bhattacharyya, India, 2020, 06:00

An experiment based on sound design based on custom electronics , modular synth and the expressive facial choreography of Navarasa or the Nine emotional states in Indian dance and drama treatise : love (shringaara), laughter (haasya), kind-heartedness or compassion (karuna), anger (roudra), courage (veera), fear (bhayaanaka), disgust (bheebhatsya), wonder or surprise (adbhutha) and peace or tranquility (shaantha).

Film still from notes on symptoms by Alice Gale-Feeny. Stacked bricks among grassy landscape, burning papers on fire in the centre.

notes on symptoms

Alice Gale-Feeny, United Kingdom, 2020, 12:51

notes on symptoms was made during a period in which I experienced total loss of taste and smell. These symptoms significantly affected my relationship to my environment and induced feelings of being outside of my experience. They were never diagnosed as Covid-19. Tests at the time were not readily available, and calling 111 involved ridiculous waiting times. I was fortunate enough not be hospitalised and to have no serious long lasting damage.

My sense of smell has never returned to normal however, and particular odours, such as the smell of onions, have become a placeholder for all odours connected to the body.

Film still from This dance has no end by Fenia Kotsopoulou. Black and white image of person wearing dress, in motion with arms stretched and pointing downwards.

This dance has no end

Fenia Kotsopoulou, Greece, 2018, 10:58

A tribute to artist Diane Torr. A year to the day, I dance in a black room : a single shot fusing male and female as ode to life and death.

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